About the Open Havelock Project

Open Havelock is a meanwhile project that was initiated in Autumn 2018. There are a number of garages within the Havelock estate that are closed and empty. We would like to transform these garages, the adjacent undercrofts and their adjoining grounds into an active space that will serve the community for up to five years whilst construction progresses on the first phases of the long term regeneration of the estate, see news for the latest updates on the project.

In order to develop generous and transformative design proposals for these spaces we first needed to establish what activities they should host so we asked; What do you do and what could happen here? A series of screen printed posters and flyers were distributed across the estate asking these two questions in three languages; Somali, Punjabi and English. We continue to ask these questions and to map your responses here.

What do you do?

Please tell us what you do. It may be an activity that you do informally with your family and friends or something more organised such as a business or a club. It may be something that requires a larger space or more visibility.

What could happen here?

Is there something that you could imagine happening in the garages, the undercrofts and the open spaces between them? It could be something that you do or something that you would like to do.

Get in touch

Please provide us a short description of what you do by filling out the form on the left hand side of this page. Otherwise you can get in contact by sending an email to hello@openhavelock.com or by picking up a postcard from Catalyst’s office at 33 Hunt Road, Havelock, UB2 4QB.

The site

Whilst our research is focused on underutilized spaces around the Havelock Estate in Southall, we’re also looking for submissions of activities from people in neighbouring areas.

  1. Southall railway station.
  2. Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha.
  3. Bixley Field.
  4. Willowbrook block.
  5. Damsonwood block.
  6. Havelock block.
  7. Catalyst office.
  8. Three Bridges primary school.